Who Are We ?

In 2018 we launched TLM to revolutionize the makeup industry.
We want to stand out by offering you products of an outstanding quality with two pillar diversity and new technology.
For us, makeup is priceless but has a name: TLM.
Thanks to the media, their support and our quality work, we have grown far beyond Paris, where it all began. In recent months, we have been pleasantly surprised by the size of our community, which is growing all over Europe and even around the world.What inspires us? It's you! It's you! It's you! Yes, you, the ambitious, the dreamer, the daring, the adventurous. Our creations are inspired by you, your desires and your style. Come and keep changing the norm with us.
Every day, we follow our only mission: to make you live the life of your dreams.
To us one skin color matters and IT'S YOURS.
We perpetually work to give you product that helps you being as you are, unique like no other. Make up helps you show the reflection of who you are to the world and that's why it's so important to us to have a product adapted to you.

We create high-end products designed in the heart of the fashion capital "Paris" to satisfy you every day. We are so convinced that you will love our creations that we offer a one-year guarantee on all our creations.

Trust TLM 

"There is only one foundation color, YOURS"
We wanted a product that truly represent your inner self through make up. 
We gathered with experts to elaborate a product that matches your beauty.
Our goal is to present fashion in a new light, offering unique, high-end creations at very affordable prices. Join the movement, join the new trend and support us in this incredible adventure !
34,587 satisfied customers, and we can never thank you enough for the strength you give us every day!
"For your 34,587 positive comments, 34,587 Thank you! »